Surveyors in International Postage

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100 Years Egyptian Survey Authority 1898 - 1998

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75th Anniversary Royal Australian Survey Corps 1990

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Niger Civil Development (Republique Du Niger - l'Armee au Service du Developpement).  Issue date 1983.

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200 Years of Ordnance Survey - envelope pictures a surveyor taking observations at a triangulation station in 1952, Iverness-shire, Scotland.  Issue date 1991.

ramsden.JPG (55719 bytes)

200 Years of Ordnance Survey - envelope pictures James Ramsden, instrument maker and his "Great Theodolite" built in 1791.  Issue date 1991.

dryvalleys.JPG (78039 bytes)

New Zealand Antarctica Research Programme - Geodetic Survey of the Dry Valleys 1988-89.

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New Zealand Department of Lands and Survey Established 1876.

thompson.JPG (75478 bytes)

Canadian Centennial of David Thompson - Geographer and Explorer Extraordinary.  Issue date 1957.

canadian.JPG (61737 bytes)

Explorers Issue - Centennial of an Eminent Canadian Geographer.  Pictures David Thompson taking an observation.  Issue date 1957.

southpole.JPG (64453 bytes)

75th Anniversary of South Magnetic Pole Expedition - Australian Antarctic Territory.  Issue Date 1984.

austria.JPG (70169 bytes)

Austria - 150 Years Basic Land Registers (1967)

thai.JPG (96549 bytes)

Commemorates the Centenary of the Royal Thai Survey Department (1985).   Modern map surveying in Thailand began in the reign of King Chulalongkorn in 1875.  The Map Survey Division was established to build the roads in Bangkok and lay out the map for the telegraph linking Bangkok to Phra Tabong (Battambong) and also to map around the Thai Gulf.  He also ordered the establishment of Thai cartography school in 1882, which later became the Royal Thai Survey Department in 1885.

bhutan.JPG (55379 bytes) Stamp from the country of Bhutan in recognition of the 250th Anniversary of the birth of George Washington -- issued approximately 1982.  Bhutan is located in southern Asia, between China and India.
germany.JPG (86966 bytes) German stamps issued in 1981 featuring pictures of  scientific instruments from the 1700s and 1800s. 




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