Surveyors in Advertising

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You never know where a surveyor will turn up next!  The noble profession of surveying has been depicted in advertisements for anything from underwear, to liquor, to dumptrucks.  Enjoy browsing these ads from times gone past....




Accutron Watch Ad

Jockey Briefs Ad

J. P. Stevens Twist Twill Ad

Lee Jeans Ad

Neustadter Bros. Standard Shirts

Pan American Tweed Suits

Phoenix Silk Stockings

Turbenised Collar Shirts

Dacron Polyester Fiberfill

Groening Ball-Band Galoshes


Buick Car Ad

Buick Car Ad #2

Chevy Truck Ad

Essex Car Ad (1921)

Ford Car Ad

Ford Truck Ad #1

Ford Truck Ad #2

General Motors Dumptruck Ad

Nash Ajax 6 Car Ad (1926)

White Motor Company (Trucks)

Willy's Overland Company

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad

George Washington's Railroad

Santa Fe Railroad

  Gulfpride Motor Oil Ad

REO Motors, Inc.

Canadian National Railway 




Benson & Hedges Cigarette Ad

Camel Cigarette Ad

Canadian Club Liquor Ad

Churchman's Cigarette Card

Duke's Cigarette Card

Lucky Strikes Cigarette Ad

Phillip Morris Cigarette Ad

Schlitz Beer Ad

Spud Cigarette Ad (1929)

Surveyor Brand Cigars

Viceroy Cigarette Ad  

Winston Cigarette Ad

Winston Cigarette Ad #2



American Cyanamid Company Ad  

Sears Roebuck Catalog

The Girdler Corp. Ad

Turner Construction Co. Ad

Union Carbide Ad

 Union Engineers & Constructors Inc.

Upper Peninsula Development Bureau






America Fare Insurance Group

First National Bank Ad

Gaylord Container Corp.

General Telephone & Electronics

Mutual of New York Insurance

Mony Mutual of New York

New York Life Insurance Co.

Publix Press Printing

Radio Corporation of America

New York State Ad

Arabian American Oil Company




Bumper Sticker #1

Bumper Sticker #2

Cartoon Postcard

Old Wedding Postcard

Bermuda Postcard

Snoopy Library Sign

Successful Farming Magazine


Valentine #2




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