G. L. Whitehouse

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George Leighton Whitehouse was born at Middleton, New Hampshire in 1797 and died in 1887.  In 1815 he became an apprentice in a cotton factory, staying for two summer seasons and teaching through the winters.  He farmed with his father in Middleton until 1824, was a grocer in Farmington until 1827, became deputy sheriff of the county and held the office until 1833.  He served as register of deeds of the county from 1833 to 1839.  While serving as register of deeds he made the first map of the town of Dover, New Hampshire. 

From 1839 to 1871 he conducted surveys for railroads and canals in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  He became a member of the New Hampshire legislature in 1830 and again in 1856-57.  He served as judge of the court of common pleas from 1841 to 1855.  He was a land surveyor for 60 years.

Reference:  Smart, Charles E.   The Makers Of Surveying Instruments In America Since 1700   Troy, New York:  Regal Art Press.  1962



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