Lewis Michael

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Lewis Michael, Somerset


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Lewis Michael, York

Lewis Michael's first appearance as an instrument maker is found in an advertisement in "The Pennsylvania Chronicle or The York Weekly Advertiser" in the year 1788.  In that advertisement he says he makes and repairs all kind of compasses along with making other items such as drafting instruments, chains, and clocks.

It is not known as to when he was in Somerset, but he moved to Ohio in 1832 according to an announcement in an Ohio newspaper.  In that announcement he states that he has arrived with several instruments available for sale and that they are of first rate work.  He goes on to say that he obtained his knowledge from Benjamin Rittenhouse and has been in business for 40 years.

For additional information, see the "Collector's Corner" article in the March/April, 1986, issue of Professional Surveyor magazine.


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