George Crow

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"Among the earliest clock-makers in Wilmington (Delaware) was George Crow.  The first mention I find of him is in 1746, when he was elected high constable of the borough of Wilmington.  He served one year.  In 1755 he was elected one of the burgesses of Wilmington, and re-elected in 1756 and 1758.  The records of Old Swedes show the marriage of George Crow to Mary Laudonet in August 1746.  He was evidently in the watch and clock business until his death, which occurred in 1771 or 1772.  I know of a surveyor's compass, now owned by Jacob H. Emerson of Middletown, which bears the date 1754 and the name "George Crow."  The name of R. Bryan is also scratched on it and the present owner tells me that Bryan was one of the early surveyors who laid out much land in the vicinity of Middletown and the Bohemia Manor.  Old Delaware Clock-Makers by Henry C. Conrad, Paper XX of the Historical Society of Delaware, pages 6-8."

Reference:  Smart, Charles E.   The Makers Of Surveying Instruments In America Since 1700  Troy, New York:  Regal Art Press.  1962 



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